USB Warmers


USB Warmer Gadget Cartoon Silicone thin Cup-Pad Coffee Tea Drink

Cable Length about: 100CM To 115CM


1*  This cup pad Round diameter is 9cm,The actual working part is 3.5cm x 3cm, The temperature of the heated portion of the surface of the coaster is maintained about 50-80 degrees when it working (except the thermometer, no other things are placed on the cup pad , then get this measurement results).
2*  Material:Silicon, Electronic component: 3.5cm x 3cm
3*  Connect the USB cable to the computer or 5V charger switch interface, coasters begin to generate heat.
4*  Please Unplug the USB cable when don’t use, to extend the life of the product.
5*  Heating effect is not obvious; recommended for keep hot water Warm,  it will help tea or coffe slower to cool ( 200ml hot water long time keep Warm about 35-40 degrees)
6*  Warm effect: Adapter > Power Bank > Computer
7*  Thin glass flat bottom cup and metal flat bottom cup for better heating

Navy Blue, Pink, Sky Blue


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