Samsung Buds Live Case


New Silicone Cover Set Full Body Protection Strong Protective Case For Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone

1.Full Body Protection: The protective sleeve is made of super strong silicone rubber, which can be stored in the standard docking box for Galaxy Buds Live to protect your earphones for Galaxy Buds Live from dirt, dust and other annoying particles.
2. Suitable for Galaxy Buds Live: Due to the special coating treatment inside, it is not easy to peel off. This silicone shell can be accurately fitted without being bulky, thus maintaining the portability, functionality and stylish appearance of the charging box for Galaxy Buds Live.
3. Durable Protective Cover with Lock: Equipped with a metal carabiner, the case comes with a carabiner. You can safely connect your protective cover for Galaxy Buds Live to your handbag, travel bracket, pants, etc., so that you can carry your device for Galaxy Buds Live.


Blue, Green, Black, Red




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