Optical LED Tracing Drawing Board


Optical LED Tracing Drawing Board

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Principle of optical image: The image of the lens is not a projection, but the observation through a lens, you can see the image on the canvas.
2Material: optical ABS coated polymethyl methacrylate lens, durable.
Compatible with mobile phones and tablets. you need to download the optical drawing application, put the phone on the shelf, and then you can start drawing without the need for drawing skills.
Education: helps develop eye coordination and basic drawing skills.

Suitable for: children, adults, teachers, home artists
Product size: 20×13.5 cm
Material: plastic

How to use it?:
Insert your phone to the top of the holding rack.
Place the mirror below in the given indent.
Choose an image you’d like to draw on your phone
Insert paper or another material below the mirror, and start tracing.

Package included:
1 x Tracking drawing board
1 x Clip


Blue, Pink, White, Yellow




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