Kids HD Bunny Camera (Pink)


Pink Bunny Kids Camera

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1. USB–USB data interface, 1 is used to connect PC to transmit data; 2 is used to connect an external power supply to charge battery or provide working power;
2. Mode button – The following modes can be switched in standby mode: 1 recording mode. 2 photo mode. 3 video playback and photo browsing mode;
3. SD card slot – install the slot of the SD card;
4. Speakers – play a sound of audio or files;
5. Microphone – the sound receiving port of video or audio file;
6. Lens – viewfinder window
7. Power button – 1 for equipment switching machine; 2 charging indicator;
8. Recording button/photo button –In 1 camera mode, short press this button to start recording, short press again to stop recording; 2 short press this button to take a photo in the camera mode; 3 in the menu mode is the confirmation button;
9. Display – 2.0 inch color display;
10. Menu button — Short press this button to call up the function setting menu; press this button again to exit the function setting menu;
11. Scroll down button – in the menu option, select the function button down;
12. Page up – In the menu option, select the function key up;


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