Headphone Standee


Universal Aluminum Headphone Holder Earphone Headset Hanger Headphone Desk Display Stand Shelf Bracket Hanger Support Bracket


Universal: All Headphone Type Fitted

Function Overview: your precious headphone from dropping, scratch, crushing, scratch, etc

Concave Holding Surface: specially concave position at the top for stable positioning when headphone located on

Detachable Design: combine of three parts, fast to detach it when not in use, put it in your drawer, book shelf, etc., or bag when travelling, with TINY space taken only

Imported Aluminum Alloy: middle neck is from Anodized Aluminum Alloy origin from German, which is through sand blasting and offers you an unbelievable touch feel ever never

Back You A Tidy Desktop: no kinked headphone cable, no slanting headphone, no scattered desktop anymore, and give a Clean, Tidy, Manageable desktop

Non-slipping: base with non-slipping TPU each corner, sturdy standing and no motion


Material: Aluminum Alloy (Anodized)+TPU+ABS (Middle arm is aluminum alloy, top and bottom both are ABS)

Dimensions: 9x9x20cm

Color: Black White

Package Includes:

1 x Holder (Holder only, headphone and any NOT included)


Black, White


Fabric, Metal, Polypropylene


180 x 186 x 51mm


215g / 225g (incl audio cable)


1.2 m audio cord with 3.5 mm jack
1.25 m USB-A to USB-C cable


Electro-dynamic driver, 40 mm diameter


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