About Us

Aswini Prasath is a founder of GrippieChennai. Have started this new venture after my career gap of more than 2 years. My vision is to bring unique products, that focuses exclusively on bringing high-quality, well-designed Airpod cases, Smart watch bands and other accessories to consumers. By curating an exclusive range of designs, Grippiechennai is able to offer consumers designer products unlike any other in the Indian market.

They believe that in a world where everyone carries identical or incredibly similar products, Grippiechennai aspires to give everyone an avenue of personal expression, with products that make a unique statement about who you are.

They live by the philosophy that each day is a new opportunity and their products are carefully crafted to be functional and provide happiness & inspiration everyday.


Bringing more creativity into the world.


Uncommon designs on awesome stuff.

Nice, right? Now it’s time to find your thing.



Our Experienced team continuously working to bring high quality stuffs by selecting with various industries and deliver directly to the consumers



Grippie brings all unique and uncommon ones at very affordable price to make the difference in the Indian Market